Executive Creative Director x New Media Art


Executive Creative Director specializing in New Media Art. My work involves creating exhibitions, experiences, and projects focused on advanced technology. My approach encompasses the conceptualization and execution of projects, combining my skills in creative direction, team supervision, and direct client management. With over 10 years of experience, I have had the privilege of working on numerous international projects, collaborating with incredibly talented individuals. I am fascinated by music with character, hyper-realistic CGI, and bold artistic expressions.


I am forever exploring new narrative horizons to unravel the mysteries posed by the contemporary world. In this quest, cutting-edge technology and Art are my best allies, guiding me in crafting concepts that can lead to a renewed perception of reality. I believe each project has its own sun, its reason for existence. My primary mission is to discover this uniqueness and propel it through Art to reveal its true light.

Tabula rasa. Only through profound changes can we find the truth, which is, in the end, the raw material of all creative work and the driving force of my quest. 

Key words. Romanticism, neoclasicism, punk, glam, sunglasses, ballad, sparks, transhumanism, flamenco, water & thruth. 


New Media Art

Conceptualization and creation of Intellectual Property (IP) for projects with these tech profiles: XR. Immersive & interactive experiences for AR, MR (with passthrough) and full VR headsets. Scripted, non-scripted & playable content. (LBE) Location Based Entertainment. // Set design. TV & film sets, set extensions, showrooms, exhibitions, museography & events scenography // CGi. Hyper realistic or stylized content for advertising, film, television, 3D naked eye, ICVFX & new formats // Design & Motion. Strategic graphic design, creation of logo, brand image, opening titles & 2D animations.


Currently researching with advanced tools such as: virtual production (ICVFX, in camera VFX), motion capture (with depth cameras & AI body pose estimation), volumetric video, holography, extended cinema, LED volumes, photogrammetry, drone video, RT robotic cameras, CGI for large-scale formats, computing neural networks, interactive content, AI (generative Arts & machine learning solutions), aroma emission systems, digital doubles, frearoam VR, metahumans, metavoices, telepresence, deepfake, data Art, Web 3.0, 360 video, videomapping or virtual economy (NFT, Blockchain).


Types. Conferences, masterclasses, debates, presentations, TV programs, live sessions, workshops or round tables // Subjects. Creativity & technology, new narratives, creative project managment, large projects design // Community. Member through the Visyon team (Grup Mediapro) of INMERSIVA XR, the Extended Reality Association of Spain // Teaching. University professor at Catalyst Berlin and frequently guest in numerous campus talks // Languajes. Available in Spanish, English, French and Italian.


One of the skills I can apply the most in AV (audiovisual) development is musical picks. Here are 5 music playlists that I have created based on the elements: Earth // Water // Air // Fire // Quintessence.


Direction of technical-creative teams working with the following software: AI. Chat GPT, Midjourney // 3D. Maya, Blender // RT Engine. Unreal, Unity // 3D Engines. Arnold, Octane, Redshift // Motion Graphics. Cinema 4D // Modeling. zBrush // Simulation. Houdini // Cloth. Marvelous Designer // Texturing. Substance // Interactive. TouchDesigner, Max & Jitter(Cycling) // Compositing. Nuke, flame // Media server. BrightSign, 7thSense, Watchout // RT. Aximmetry, Mo-Sys // Render farm. Deadline, Corona // Pipeline. ClickUp, Monday, PipelinePro, Shotgun // Brainstorming. Notion, Miro // Design. CCS, HTML5, Creative Cloud, Figma // Motion Capture. OptiTrack, Pixotope, Move.ai // *Some teams work remotely using cloned machines and AWS protocol in RT.


Direction. Project guidelines, large-scale team leadership, production pipeline [Hardware, Software & feedback system design] // Presentations. High-end keynote documents to visually & poetically synthesize the projects // Accounts. Direct customer relationship, full project monitoring & establishment of an ecosystem with first-line supplier // Network. I have a team of regular collaborators with whom I can create specialized units. As these are artistic profiles, I like to consider it a constellation.


Creativity consultant for companies and brands looking to refocus their image or product projection through innovative ideas that are integrated with technology. From campaign design to naming work, in the consulting arena, all the tools and expertise are deployed to assist clients in crossing the border to a new dimension.


Selected works // Projects // Selected works // Projects // Selected works // Projects // Selected works // Projects // Selected works // Projects // Selected works // Projects //


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