Orriols 2023. The Mediapro corporate annual event

Concept design, visual content and set design of Orriols 2023, the corporate anual event by Mediapro Group. This meeting is held once a year in the Mediapro Group headquarters auditorium. These are 3 workdays where the most prominent members of the company meet to discuss the balance sheets and challenges of the year. Delegates from large multinationals also meet and there are debates on technology applied to Art and live connections with many Mediapro units worldwide. For this edition, we have organized the event with 3 technologies: reactive LED Volumes, 3D Naked Eye & AI. The event brought together 350 Mediapro professionals in addition to actors, film directors, TV presenters.... As a summary, Orriols is the most relevant meeting of the group and serves to show the future proposals of its more than 7K workers.
The 23rd edition of Orriols brought together 350 GRUP MEDIAPRO executives from the four business units across the 52 group locations

The event featured a dual-hinged (L-shaped) screen with a resolution of over 6.6M pixels distributed over 75m2 reactive surface

Key moments from the live production of Orriols 2023.



This event design is created with two L-shaped LED volumes precisely joined to form a seamless surface. Each screen had its own resolution, features, and pixel pitch, making it quite a challenge to integrate them with real-time visuals (RT). To achieve this, we generated UV maps capable of projecting images at a 90º angle. The pipeline is designed with two engines connected by the Barco E2 mixer, capable of managing layers to accommodate Unreal Engine scenarios, windows with video inputs through HRC or direct zoom. The content and effects were applied to both screens as a unified set.

3D Naked Eye

Through the content, we have brought to the audience the effect of the Renaissance trompe-l'oeil painting, the conceptual beginning of the idea of immersiveness. Updated in spatial format and on a large 10m screen, the now known as "3D Naked Eye" becomes a contemporary evolution that extends the physical limit of the screen. Using this solution, various elements exceeded the frame and also cast shadows on the floor screen to enhance their realism.

Reactive 3D volume

The screens featured over 10 sets of motion-reactive visuals. The content followed the speakers, creating trails, floor alterations or cascading lines that highlighted the speaker, making the event much more dynamic. The pose estimation of the talent (people on stage) has been obtained through a high-tech camera with spatial AI, capable of processing advanced neural networks while providing depth data from two stereo cameras.

Marquee display

I created a dynamic text system that enveloped the two screens, generating a dialogue between the viewer's perspective and that of the speaker. The text traversed the cornice of the two L-shaped screens, also reinforcing their visual connection. Additionally, the marquee display was considered to emphasize the existence of a "fixed" frame that was surpassed by the 3D naked-eye elements invading the foreground, transitioning from the background to the foreground thanks to the frame. The text had an advanced corner rotation effect and could be written in real-time (RT) like a chyron for greater live flexibility.
Intro video to Orriols 2023. It was projected only once live as the opening.

Tech Keys


From the beginning, we recreated the auditorium in 3D at a perfect scale, also constructing the set of the stage. We then utilized this scene to position the camera in the perspective of various audience members, aiming to minimize the distortion of the 3D naked eye. Additionally, we calculated spaces, distances, viewpoints, and blind spots to ensure that our visuals were flawless!


The 3D work with the AOVs (Additional Output Variables) layer system has allowed us to have greater control over the results through advanced compositions of the contributory passes in 3D, isolated and recomposed in Nuke trees. Also, the multi-ID system of Cryptomatte has helped us work with elements and their color correction more precisely. Here is an example of the passes in the airplane scene before entering into composition. As an example, the company's airplane expressly created for Orriols: XR Airlines.

Sound design

Alberto Ortega Aguado's sound design transcends the use of samples and synchronization with the screen. The visual experience is maximally musicalized. For example, when designing effects for platforms, in addition to mechanical sound effects, he adds a purpose-designed pad with Serum that aligns with the visual style. In scenes like the laser sequence, the harp not only complements the lasers but also adds meaning. Audio layering is essential for strength and depth, filling the frequency spectrum cognitively for a realistic and poetic experience. In mixing and mastering, the harmonious coexistence of elements and the careful presence of effects, with frequency and volume side chain on musical elements, prevent masking issues.


From Unreal, three complex environments (forest, desert, and futuristic city) have been configured as a symbol of the internationalization of Mediapro productions. In these scenes, the drone, representing a new form of content creation at the group, traverses the spaces and generates them through a laser-like construction system based on the Z-depth channel. In all scenes, there is a dramatic shift in sunlight that challenges the capabilities of Unreal in real-time complex environments, such as the forest with millions of tree leaves casting moving shadows simultaneously.

Tech spec

Vertical LED Volume. 2.6pp, 10m (wide) x 4m (high) // Floor LED volume. 6.9pp, 10m (wide) x 3.5m (high) // Total LED Volume. 75m2 // RT event pipeline. Double engine with mixer Barco E2 // RT event software. Unreal over Aximmmetry // Total resolution. 6K // Total pixels. 6.6M // Intro video CGi. Maya, 3DsMax, Unreal // Intro video motion graphics. Cinema 4D, After Effects // Intro video comp. Nuke // Sound. Ableton Live // Sound plug-in instruments. Arturia Pigments, Xfer Serum // Sound Fx, Mix & Master plug-in. Fab Filter, Izotope, Valhalla DSP, Universal Audio // External signal. HRC

Orriols 2023 Intro Title.


Event Credits

Communications Director. Carme Anglada // Production. Clara Layunta, Mar Farga, Nerea Tubau // Creative direction. Aníbal Santaella // Tech director. Isaac Bergadà // Co-Technical director. Lluís López // TV director. Aitor Font // DOP. Eriko Enríquez // TSI coordination. Susana Higueras // Streaming director. Oliver Marqués // Set design tech director. Vicente Gómez // WTvision. Sergio Gómez, Pere Martínez // Act coordination. Pau Casado Rami // Tech chiefs. Jordi Blanqué, Jordi Gavaldà, Lara Valls // Technical assistant. Lidia Rocasalva // Auditorium sound technician. Óscar Maza // Corporative portal video. Pilar Gelonch // TSI. David Fernandez // Camera Operator. Dotú // Sound assistant. Paul Verdés, Toni Cervelló // Prompter operator. Lidia Íñigo // Mixer Streaming. María Aponte // Streaming sound technician. Jordi Royo // Kyrons streaming. Adrián Gomara // Barco E2. Edu Mas // HRC. Marta Gil // Stage manager. Sergi Alamillo // Graphic Design. Carles G. Sanchez // Proteus Edit Event. Nicole Riojas // OVERON. Jorge González // TSI Zoom technician. Raúl Maestra // LED Wall. Juan Manuel Angulo // Lighting technician. Óscar Gómez // SSGG. Cristia Bessa // PPT graphic design. Carles Sánchez Nieto // SSGG assistant. Alejandro Mercado

Intro video credits

Creative direction. Aníbal Santaella // Art Direction. Bernardo González, Alejandro Jiménez // Unreal artist. Fernando Espina // 3D artists. Bernardo González, Alejandro Jiménez, Alejandro Álvarez Sevilla, Jose Manuel Piñero, Antonio Álvarez // Sound design. Alberto Ortega Aguado // Animation. Ernesto Cabeza

Reactive LED volume, 3D naked eye & AI for the Mediapro event.

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