Christmas. VP trip in a single take

Christmas greeting video for the entire Mediapro Group that served as a promotion for the new Virtual Production (VP) department. As a metaphor for the technological possibilities of the VP, in the video we take a trip in a single sequence shot through different intertwined scenarios. This content is transformed in real time and is capable of altering light in highly complex scenes with CGi characters in motion. In the end, we cross the structure of rear cabinets of an LED screen to discover on the other side, the Mediapro (Barcelona) VP set project. For this video, we use OVERON's cloud platform, overcoming the challenge of rendering in real time with Unreal 5.1 on remote virtual machines.

Making of


Inspired by the Luxor Temple of ancient Egypt, this landscape is a recreation of a Mediapro film shoot featuring live signal transmissions. Mediapro group has more than 100 OB vans and does more than 20K broadcasts a year. In this environment we can see details such as catering tables for the filming crew or the OVERON antennas, another company also in the group.


Here we use the densest scene ever created by Epic Games. It is a hyper-detailed replica of Manhattan that emulates a traffic circuit of vehicles and people with infinitely random functional logic. Moving this immense amount of information with changing light in real time calculated in the cloud was quite a technological challenge.

North pole

As part of this strategy of contrasts between the intertwined landscapes, we come to the last of the external landscapes set in the North Pole and we see in the background the rear structure of cabinets that forms the same full-scale screen that we planned for set 2 in Barcelona.
In the long take, the most complex scene is the one that connects the Manhattan set with the desert set, passing through the interior of the vehicle

To calculate the millions of polygons in the scenes, we have employed the intelligent virtualized geometry system Nanite. 



Creative direction. Aníbal Santaella // Production. Isaac Bergadá // Communications Director. Carme Anglada // Management. Clara Layunta, Mar Farga // UE artists. Toni Solà, Isaac Pravia, René Acunya, Fernando Espina // RT remote network. Overon (Grup Mediapro) // Motion Graphics. Viki González // M.graph & sound production. Rosa Peñacoba // Music. Lakme dúo flowers, Leò Delibes (deconstructed) // Sound. Telson


Duration. 1’30” // Resolution. 4K // Motion. Cinema 4D // CGi + VP. Unreal 5.1 (Calculated in the cloud with Overon)

World's first video made with Unreal 5.1 in full remote AWS

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