La Cocinera de Castamar. TV series opening sequence

Opening sequence of the television series La Cocinera de Castamar (LCDC), a Spanish romantic and period drama series, based on the novel of the same name by Fernando J. Múñez and produced by Buendía Estudios. The opening sequence was expressly filmed on the set of the series under my direction and with the leading actress, Michelle Jenner. Four versions were made to be able to distribute them according to chapters (2 shots each with 2 different lighting). In addition to the filming, the concept includes the series logo and the animation that places the plane of the text within the three-dimensional space and can be traversed by the characters.
The series aired during prime time on Spanish national television channel Antena 3, reaching a total of 3.7 million viewers. 

Tracked camera for the integration of captions as a spatial element within the set design. 

Night. 2 versions with simulated nightlighting (+ candles) in the studio

Day. 2 versions with simulated daytlighting in the studio

TV series


Directed by Iñaki Peñafiel and Norberto López Amado, the script was coordinated by Tatiana Rodríguez for Antena 3 and Atresplayer Premium (Atresmedia). Among others, it stars Michelle Jenner as Clara Belmonte, Roberto Enríquez as Diego, duque of Castamar, Hugo Silva as Enrique de Arcona, marquis of Soto, Maxi Iglesias as Francisco Marlango, María Hervás as Amelia Castro, Agnés Llobet as Beatriz Ulloa. It has the special collaboration of Silvia Abascal as Queen Isabel de Farnesio. It premiered on February 21, 2021 on Atresplayer Premium and on April 8, 2021 on Antena. The series has 12 episodes and was also broadcast on Netflix.


Set in Madrid in 1720, the series focuses on Clara, an agoraphobic cook who starts working in Castamar's kitchen fleeing from a painful. There she falls in love with the Duke of Castamar and is reciprocated. However, being together will not be easy for either of them due to the difference in social class: Diego's mother, Doña Mercedes, wants him to marry the noblewoman Amelia Castro, so that the duchy will have descendants. Helping his mother is the Marquis of Soto, Enrique de Arcona, who hides a plan to take revenge on Diego.


After visiting the set and designing the plans together with José María Caro, on December 3rd, 2020, the entire production team of the series plus the main actress, Michelle Jenner, reserved the last hours of the day to shoot the opening sequence. We filmed 4 different shots, two shots each with two lighting: day (artificial), night (with candles). The main set is 1500m2 and four meters high. The decoration was carried out by Mercedes Canales and is inspired by that of the Royal Palace of Madrid. For the shooting, we took advantage of the large central hallway and the main hall, two of the most iconic places in the series.


Mediapro credits

Duration. 13” (4 versions) // Resolution. 4K // Comp. Nuke // Color. Resolve // Motion & Track. C4D, After Effects. The shots were tracked to be able to add the letters as a plane within the moving space


Business leader. María José Martín // Creative director. Aníbal Santaella // FX supervisor. Isidro Jimenez // Production (Telson). Isabel Cano, Silvia Torralba, Deneb Sabater // Atresmedia team. José María Caro, Pepe Ripoll // Motion Graphics. Jorge Sobrino // R&D. Iván Heredia // Music. Iván Palomares // Compositors. Ramon Cervera, Daniel de Madrid // Sound production lead. Ana Belén Martín // Sound. Telson

Motion Track opening sequence for a series with 3.7M viewers

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