Evolution. From the first studies to the present time

11 // Mediapro

Executive Creative director of projects with a cutting-edge technology core at Mediapro, one of the largest audiovisual groups in the world. Leading projects for private brands, institutions and international public tender contests. Working transversally with multiple units and sub-brands of the group for projects in the field of film, television, advertising, events, experiences or shows in real time such as ISE 2023 and the ONCE daily TV show. Responsible for the creativity of Mediapro's internal projects, which encompass the Mobile World Congress stand, the Christmas campaign or the Orriols annual meetings. One of my latest projects is the immersive exhibition “Sorolla a través de la luz” where I designed the entire technology and the VR experience. Currently, I co-direct the Virtual Production unit of the Mediapro Group.

10 // Catalyst

Creative Production professor at Catalyst, Art & technology institute located in Funkhaus (Berlin). Catalyst is integrated within the United Kingdom's university system, and its classes are conducted in english with an international community of students from more than 70 countries. The facilities are in the world class creative media metropolis of Berlin with a unique multidisciplinary installation. I taught students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts bachelor degree program, specializing in Visual Media.

9 // Rohtau

Creative director at ROHTAU agency, founded by Jordi Barés and located in London. Led the development of a large-scale transversal project prototype featuring integrated technologies within a groundbreaking macro-show format. The initiative utilizes various Real-Time tools to create a hybrid experience bridging the physical and virtual worlds. Focused on music, the envisioned project fosters collaboration among artists globally, delivering a unique and immersive experience. Several units of the Mediapro group actively participated in this development.

8 // Expo Dubai

Audiovisuals Art Direction of Alif, the Norman Foster's Mobility Pavilion for Expo Dubai 2020. A two-year project done with Mediapro Exhibitions in which we developed more than 60 AVs including: videomappings, 360 video, holography, advanced CGi and interactive solutions. Collaboration with Weta Workshops and the Emirates Space Agency. Madrid team leader (+ 40 people), onsite reviews, defense with the client, strategic design, mockups and final assembly.

7 // Telson

Creative director of Telson (Mediapro group). Concept creator of CGi videos, live visuals, ad campagins or opening sequences for TV series such as Velvet (promo), Paraíso, La Cocinera de Castamar or Heridas. Also XR experiences like the Virtual Reality zone of the Telefónica stand at Mobile World Congress 2017 or the world event for Philips Spectral scans with holographic visuals on a large stage. At Telson I founded and led the 3D department with key projects on film (including a VFX nomination for the featured film Oro at the Goya Awards) and advertising industry with internacional campaigns for Once, El Corte Inglés, Axa insurance, H&S (head & Shoulders) or Whirlpool.


Founder of a Contemporary Art company that brought together the work of 22 artists with original works and limited editions. From CAELVM, products were created and international workshops were held, such as Illustration for publishing with Julius Wiedemann (Taschen chief editor). CAELVM is the anagram of the latin phrase Clavis Aurea Est Lux Vitriol Mundis and had the actress Paz de la Huerta as its image. Artists: Abigail Lazkoz, Aitor Saraiba, Alejandra Freymann, Álvaro Villarrubia, Aníbal Santaella, Ann-Marie James, Carles Congost, El Palomar, Enrique Marty, Eva Viera, Fernando Renés, Hidrogenesse, Ignacio Galán, Isabel Banal Xifré, Iván Pinto, Javier R. Rossel, Javier Rubín Grassa, Jose Luís Serzo, Luis Felipe Camargo, Rafael Doctor, Saelia Aparicio & Todomuta Studio.

5 // RAER

Awarded with the artistic residency Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Real Academia de España en Roma, RAER) in the design category. On the occasion of its 333rd anniversary, I conducted an artistic study of 9 months around the figure of the Porta Magica, located in piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. It was a research-based project exploring symbolism and alchemy in 18th-century Europe. The venture culminated in the creation of a 3D short film using photogrammetry techniques and advanced 3D simulations. The music group HIDROGENESSE composed the film's soundtrack and performed it live during the Rome presentation. It was subsequently showcased in a collective exhibition at the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. All the works from our cohort of artists were compiled in a catalog titled Pop-Up Royal Academy.

4 // The Mill

3D generalist, Tech 3D director and Art director at The Mill, London. The projects sometimes involved large, always international, endeavors with a high degree of specialization and distribution by areas, following the same system as a film production. Notable among the various campaigns undertaken are the global advertisements for: Honda (CRV), Nike (Lebron 10, print), Comfort (various), Surf (various, Surfy), Orbit, Fruit d'Or or Milka. As a regular client, I had projects for brands from the Unilever account.

3 // Freelance

3D generalist and freelance Art Director mainly in London and Stockholm. I worked on different projects with a significant load of CGi, highlighting clients such as BBC, National Geographics or Nissan.

2 // VFS

3D Animation and Visual Effects degree at the Vancouver Film School in Canada. Studies with a practical orientation, taught by world-class professionals. The training ranges from traditional animation (stopmotion and freehand comic drawing) to advanced composition and fluid simulations. For these studies, I was awarded with the Talentia program. For the final project, I created a CGI piece titled 'StarWriter,' which centers around the story of a spherical typewriter that comes from outer space to communicate with humans in a 1950s military base.

1 // Fine Arts

Graduate in Fine Arts from UCLM with honors in the final project. Erasmus scholarship at the MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Seneca scholarship at the Complutense University of Madrid. Post-production scholarship at iTAV (Institute of Audiovisual Technology). Research scholarship in gender studies, contemporary artistic practices and new technologies. It is during this period that I first come into contact with the world of 3D and new media Art. My work during the academic career is heavily focused on conceptual experimentation, fragmented narrative and cutting-edge digital tools.

0 // Seville

I have grown up in a singularly beautiful city with a profound personality. Renowned globally for its architectural splendor, in its romantic silhouette you can find traces of exotic civilizations.  It is the house of flamenco and it has cradled great poets and painters. Growing up in Seville has been a source of inspiration for me. The city has been my first school, holding a place of honor in my memory.

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